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1. Eyes That Glow in the Dark

Green, gold, blue or yellow, cats’ eyes are fascinating orbs that gleam in darkness. Think of the famous Cheshire cat, whose eyes and grin taunted Alice in Wonderland. Use a flashlight beam to observe your cat in a darkened room. That spooky shine is visible even in dim light.

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Heatstroke in animals is a killer and can happen frighteningly fast.

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Unlike humans dogs do not cool off by sweating through their skin. The only way they can lower their body temperature is to pant, and sweat a little bit through their paws. To pant effectively, they rely on the air around them being cooler than their own temperature; this allows the heat in their moist breath to dissipate and be removed into the environment. They also rely on the environment being a little dry. The air they exhale is 41oC which is why they rapidly over heat in cars.

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The great answer is NO.  (We do have harmless bush ticks though)

Manuka Vet Hospital does, however, see many cases of tick paralysis each year in pets that travel to the coast on holidays. The tick Ixodes holocyclus occurs along the East Coast of Australia. The worse time is from August through February, you can find ticks all year round. Particularly when rain follows a period of warm weather.

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Have you ever wondered how your dog is feeling? Well scientists have proven that you really can tell what emotion your dog is feeling by looking at its face.